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Old 02-22-2016, 08:17 AM
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Default Ultimate shock build

I did a fare amount of research on the topic of "the best shock".
While the Innovative RC shocks available through DDM were quite tempting, I decided to stay with stock sized shocks for a couple reasons.
1) parts availability from multiple vendors, and 2) no rubbing, or fitment issues to address.

After reading through Team FastEddy's recommendations for the best shocks, I put together a list, and placed my order from DDM.

• Team FastEddy silver bleeder caps. $82
• Threshold umbrella seals. $40
• Darksoul o-ring seals. $8
• Kraken Shafts with Darksoul rod ends. $70
• DDM HD springs, black. $26
After DDM 5% off coupon $215

• HR silver spring cups, and adjusters. $19

Total $234

I started with the rear shocks.

Aside from the rear plastic spring collar, this is all that will be used from the old shocks

Following the Threshold seal instructions, I had the seals seated in a matter of minutes using a vice.

Next I polished the shock shafts.
I chucked the piston end into a drill, and used 1500 grit Emery cloth with Mothers polish.

Seals, and shaft assembled.

I'm using the stock black two hole pistons in the front, and the three hole black pistons in the rear.

I used blue lock tight on the shock shaft and rod end.

Assembled shock body with 45W Losi shock oil.
Easy bleeding with the Team FastEddy shock caps.

The Hot Racing shock adjusters fit great, but the spring cups were not fitting over the Darksoul rod ends. Turns out the Darksoul rod ends are about a millimeter in diameter larger then stock. Five minutes with a round file fixed the spring cup issue.

Completed shocks

Rear shock mounted up.

Front shocks built the same, but with 50W Losi oil.

Next up, limiting straps.
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Old 02-22-2016, 11:51 AM
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Welcome to the forum. I've got pretty well the same setup on the back, with Rezzies. Ultra smooth. IRCs on the front.
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bleeder caps, rebuild, shock shafts, shocks

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