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Default My XB

I got my XB from Amazon in the Warehouse Deals section. It was rated used and in good condition which means it's supposed to work when you get it. Well that wasn't the case:
The right front diff outdrive was broken, sway bar bent, right front lower arm damaged as well as various other dings and scrapes.

There was no dust or dirt on the car anywhere, no fuel residue in the tank, only a little oil in the exhaust, so I'm not sure how that happened. Within minutes of opening the box, I took the pics and emailed Amazon and after less than an hour of back and forth they gave me the car at 40% off.

I researched the main problems with the car, and bought a new gear plate, and ordered a belt drive from ebay, and replaced the outdrives with hardened outdrives. While I had the diffs apart, I noticed there was some play in the diffs and that the outdrive shims were missing. Also the shim covering the outdrive o-ring on the crown gear side was missing. Redcat replaced the missing shims, no questions asked.

Once the shims arrived and were installed, I replaced the diff oil and rebuilt the diffs. I also removed the rubber seal from the diff bearings and packed them with grease. At this point I was still using the stock pipe, so I reset the needles to factory 1 1/4 ... 1 1/2 and it started in two pulls after I opened the choke. Here's a video of my son and I breaking it in :

nothing special or noteworthy in this video. Just a dad and his little boy playin' in the dirt (He's 26 and a school teacher and wrestling coach).

Here are some pics of the belt drive install:

As you can see, I installed a new gear plate. Not because I had trouble with the old one, but because I had read about many bearing failures almost right out of the box (after break in). So I made the change based on other complaints, not because I had problems. Also, the cover that comes with the belt drive is crapola. After it broke at all of the mounting holes, I used it as a mold and made my own out of fiberglass. I know a few people that run with the covers, but fuck that.

The stock "tuned" pipe broke after five tanks and I replaced that with a Jet Pro (no pics yet). Would have preferred a CPI because of where the pipe sits, but I couldn't find anyone that wasn't out of stock. I'm happy with the Jet Pro, had to lean both needles out some 1 1/16 and 1 1/4 but even that seems a little rich. The plug is a nice cocoa brown.

I'm new, to cars, still learning. This was all actually pretty fun.
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